About TheIonianView Hotel

The “TheIonianView” Hotel is about 40 meters from the beach of Saint Nikita. Travelers will have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing green waters of sea and the beautiful sandy beach, as well as relax with breathtaking views of the Ionian sea watching the sunset.

In “TheIoniaView” Hotel, primary purpose is the satisfaction our customers. We want each one of them to feel welcomed, special and to create unique memories that will share and never forget.
«Theionianview” hotel offers a sensational stay and experience during your holiday at Lefkada Island. The harmonious ambience of the hotel, the breathtaking view of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea and the hot Greek sun will certainly make all of you feel the absolute relaxation.

The hotel has luxurious rooms with different interior design that simultaneously features elegance and simplicity.

Maistros room will charm you with its interior earth tone, brightness and comfort features such as air condition, bathroom accessories and much more. The veranta of the room gives you the opportunity to admire the beautiful view, suitable for those who want relaxation and unforgettable vacation in Lefkada.

Garbis is a stylishly decorated room with attention and care to maintain the traditional element without omitted modern amenities. The light colors that surround it travel’s you. The room has air conditioning, bathroom accessories. Enjoy the idyllic scenery from your private terrace.

Ostria is a room decorated with care and style in shades of blue and white . Comfortable, elegant offers all the amenities you will need. The panoramic view of the Ionian we are sure that it will impressive you and definitely will stay imprinted in your mind for long time, making you want to return again!

Sirocco has excellent decoration. The materials, colors and fabrics are the best we have chosen for you. The room provides all the luxuries that will help you relax and unwind. On your private balcony you can admire the beautiful view that will take you away the sunsets.

This charming hotel offers to all guests’ pure luxury for your stay in Lefkada. We assure you that you have the most amazing and memorable vacation ever.

Staff of the hotel will be always there for anything you need.

The outdoor pool offers you the opportunity to enjoy the sun, relax on our comfortable loungers and taste light snacks and refreshing drinks.
We hope to have a nice accommodation to our hotel. We are waiting for you…

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